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        1. Project performanc

          A? Engineering Company and service item

          No.Engineering Company OwnerName of Project/Unit
          1Engineering Company and service itemZhuhai BP Chemical Industry Co., Ltd Zhuhai PTA Project Phase II
          2China Huanqiu Contracting & Engineering CorporationGuangxi Petrochemical Company of CNPC 200,000 ton/year polypropylene unit
          3Petro China Company No.7 Construction CompanyGuangxi Petrochemical Company of CNPC3.5 million ton heavy oil fluid catalytic cracking
          4Petro China Company No.6 Construction Company Guangxi Petrochemical Company of CNPC CCR unit
          5China Petroleum Engineering Construction Corporation Uzbekistan Company of CNPCCentral Asia natural gas pipeline compressor station
          6Sinopec Engineering IncorporationBASF-YPC Company LimitedIPS Project ethylene oxide/ /glycol unit
          7Sinopec Engineering IncorporationQingdao Petroleum Refining of SinopecQingdao petroleum refining
          8Sinopec Engineering IncorporationZhongyuan Oil Field Puguang CompanyPuguangqi natural gas purification plant project
          9Sinopec Engineering Incorporation Zhongyuan Petrochemical LLCZhongyuan Petroleum Ethylene Renovation Project
          10Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering CorporationQingdao Petroleum RefiningSulfur Recovery Unit
          11Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering Ltd/SINOPECShenhua Coal Oil Making Baotou Chemical Shenhua Baotou Coal to Olefin Project/MTO unit
          12Sinopec Shanghai Engineering Co., Ltd Sinopec Wuhan Company800,000 ton/year ethlene
          13Sinopec Nanjing Design InstituteDSM Nanjing Chemical Company 2005 Nanjing reconstruction project
          14Sinopec Nanjing Design Institute Sinopec Fujian Petroleum RefiningFujian oil refining ethylene project
          15Sinopec Shanghai Medical Industry Design ResearchRizhao crude oil commercial reserve baseShandong Rizhao crude oil commerce reserve
          16CNOOC Pipeline Gas Transmission Co., Ltd Hainan Hicontrol Fuel Chemistry Co., LtdSanya originality new town LNG gas distribution
          17Sinochem Shanxi Lu'an Coal to Liquid Shanxi Lu'an Coal to Liquid Co., Ltd 160,000 ton/year coal-based compound fuel oil
          18Wuhuan Engineering Co., Ltd Shanghai LNG Co., Ltd Shanghai LNG
          19Wuhuan Engineering Co., Ltd China Coal Energy Group Co., Ltd China Tuke Fertilizer Project/2 million ton synthesis
          20Hualu Engineering & Technology Co., LTDQujing Dawei Coking Gas Supply Co., Ltd Coking project/air-supply unit
          21Hualu Engineering & Technology Co., LTDLinhuan Coking & Chemical Co., ltd 800,000 ton/year benzene refining project
          22Hualu Engineering & Technology Co., LTDShanxi Shanhua Coal Chemical Group Co., Ltdenergy conservation and emission reduction technical
          23Hualu Engineering & Technology Co., LTDShanxi Yanchang China Coal Yulin EnergyJingbian energy chemical industry comprehensive
          24Hualu Engineering & Technology Co., LTD China Shenhua Coal Oil Making Baotou CoaShenhua direct coal liquefaction project air separation
          25China Chengda Engineering Co., Ltd Qinghai Yuntian International Fertilizer Co., Ltd 200,000 ton/ synthesis ammonia
          26China Chengda Engineering Co., LtdCNOOC Neimenggu Tianye Chemical Industry60000 ton/year polyformaldehyde project
          27China Chengda Engineering Co., LtdHanhua Petrochemical (Ningbo) Co., LtdPVC Project
          28China Chengda Engineering Co., LtdAnhui Hwasu Co., Ltd 1 million polyethylene and supporting project phase I
          29China Tianchen Engineering Corporation Shenhua (Baotou) Charcoal coal to olefin
          30China Tianchen Chemical Engineering CorporationRhodia (Zhenjaing) Chemical Co., Ltd RHODIA CANDICE PROJECT
          31Sedin Engineering Co., LtdJincheng Anthracite Mining Group Coal to Oilcoal to oil project
          32Sedin Engineering Co., LtdYunnan Luxi Dawei Coking Co., Ltd 950,000 ton/year coking project/air separation unit
          33Sedin Engineering Co., Ltd ?Shizong Coking Chemical Co., Ltd 980,000 ton/year coking project
          34Sedin Engineering Co., LtdAnhui Huaihua Co., Ltd 200,000 ton/year nitramine
          35Jacobs Engineering (Shanghai) Group Incorporation Wacker Polymer Systems (Nanjing) Co., Ltd Wacker Nanjing 20000 ton/year resin engineering
          36Shanxi Shanghe Science and Technology Industrial. Yulin Kaiyue Coal Chemical Industry Co., Ltd1.4 million ton/ coal to methyl alchohol
          37China Machinery Industry Construction GroupIndonesia coal fired power plantJava island 2X350WM coal –fired power plant project
          38Guangdong Power Engineering CorporationTaishan Nuclear Power Joint Venture Co., Ltdnuclear power industry
          39Guangxi Nanhua Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd Zhenjiang Nanhua Sugar Industry Co.,Ltd sugar refining industry
          40Technip Chemical Engineering Co., LtdAventis Hangzhou Crop Science Co., LtdAGNES PROJECT (STEP B)
          41?Beijing MaisonWorleyParsons Engineering Company Changshu Coatex Auxiliary Co., Ltd Cowra Project
          42?Bayer Coating System Shanghai Co., Ltd BAYER PIC PROJECT
          43?BASF Chemical Co., Ltd Midbody tetrahydrofuran/poly tetrahydrofuran project
          44?Shanghai UCB Speciality Chemicals Co.,Ltd FOURTH POLYOL TANK PROJECT
              Roquette (China) Co., Ltd Sorbitol Project